This project is archived and is not longer updated.

All artworks created using custom made software systems made by Stanza from the body of works called Amorphoscpes from 1996 to 2007. They were all made as online interactive systems ie net art and some have been editioned as touch screens and made as executable software for easier expiation and for collectors.

"These works form part of Stanza’s Amorphoscapes series (which he has been working on since 1996). Unlike existing web-based incarnations, these are limited-edition touch-screens which better demonstrate Stanza’s uncompromising ability to craft technology. These works are exquisitely executed. Aesthetically and technologically they are flawless, standing out vividly against a backdrop of new media art which can be clunky and ill-defined. Even to the untrained eye, or those uninitiated in new media arts, Stanza’s skills and outputs as an artist working with electronic technologies are apparent. " Charlotte Frost

The amorphoscapes code based series have been exhibited internationally over the last ten years (1995-2005). They have featured at Siggraph, won first prizes at festivals such at New Forms Canada and SeNef Korea. The online web based version have been featured on the BBC and touch screen versions have been exhibited at The Jerwoord Space, Tate Britain and Venice Bienalle. They have also been shown at many conferences and festivals around the world.

Also available as touch screen based works. Over the years there have been three main updates I: Audio visual relationships between art and science....maybe. (1996- 2001) amorphoscapes II: Visual relationships disclosed by painting with code....maybe. (2003- 2004) amorphoscapes III. New aesthetic code responses disclosed by living systems...maybe. (2005)

Exhibitions: Touch screen exhibitions of the amorphoscapes artworks have taken place at the following selected venues.

  • Venice Biennale. 52nd international Art Exhibition - la Biennale di Venezia 2007
  • Tate Britain. 2007.
  • Artsway Plymouth, New Forest Pavillion. 2007
  • Soundtoys at Cybersonica at The Dana Centre. 2006
  • Blip Festival Brighton. 2005.
  • The Dana Centre London. 2005
  • Folly Gallery Lancaster. 2005
  • The Watershed Media Centre. 2005
  • Cut and Splice at Jerwood Space, London. 2005
  • Arts Depot, London April 2005
  • Scope Art Fair Regents park UK 2004
  • Digifest Toronto Canada 2003
  • Active Interiors: 10 Years of Stanza's Interactive Art E.S.P. Pacific Design Center, Hollywood USA. Curated by David Mather in 2004 in LA.
  • SeNef Samsung Media Centre Korea: 2002
  • Soundtoys at ICA London. 2002
  • Generative Art 4th Milan. GA 2001
  • Arco. Spain 2001
  • Macromedia peoples Choice Multimedia. USA 1999
  • Seafair. - Multimedia. Croatia 1998

Awards for this project Winner of first prize at SeNef Online Grand Prize Korea: 2002 Amorphoscapes have been presented on television on the ITV "The Web Review", and featured on Sonic Artsnet for the gallery channel, as well as soundtoys, rhizome and sonify. 'Generator' was featured on the designers network. They were shown at transmediale in Germany, at cynet art in Dresden.
View video channel of these artworks.

Generative paintings made with computer code. They are artworks that develop the languages and forms of modern abstraction though new digital technologies. (You will need the shockwave plug-in to experience this work online). This work is formally different from my main artwork in that that my objective has always been to extend the notion of what painting is. Using computer code various paradigms emerge that allows me to shape and construct the visual aesthetic. I am not so much interested in the code as the manipulation of form.

Click here to see a dedicated video channel of these works instead.

Click here to read paper published on Amorphoscapes circa. 2001

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