Audio visual relationships between art and science....maybe. Custom made coded artwork. Part of award winning series called "Amorphoscapes" which was exhibited worldwide. You need shockwave installed to view the work online.

Exhibitions for this work.

SeNef Online Grand Prize Korea: 2002
New Voices Competition Winner Digifest: Canada 2003
Fluxusonline Internet Festival event Sao Paulo Brasil.
Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo Mexico
Arte digital. Cuba
ICA. Cybersonica Soundtoys. Internet UK
Fused USA.
Zeppelin Barcelona. Spain
Artsdepot, London.

enter traces:

Amorphoscapes by Stanza are interactive, generative, audio
visual, digital paintings and drawings created specifically for
the internet. This is interactive art on the internet, incorporating
generative sounds and 3D imaging. Amorphoscapes, provide a
seductive, multi-sensory non-linear and interactive experience
for the audience to immerse into. Cellular forms replicate,
intricate webs evolve, moods and colours change and fuse,
sounds and rhythms pulse and change. Amorphoscapes allow
the "user" to experience each artwork differently, depending on
how they choose to navigate.

Amorphoscapes ass artworks are an extension to the modernist grid; except now the grid is multiplying and shifting. Moving into another dimension of multi user input both from the audio and the visual. I like the idea that these works embrace the art of drawing and painting; in fact they act as autonomous drawing and painting machines. So the new interactive works are variable, online,, in real time as internet specific artworks. i.e. this is net art. 2000


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(c) Stanza 2000

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